NJ Water / Sewer Main Services New Jersey

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Water & Sewer Main Service in NJ

NJ Water / Sewer Main Services New Jersey

Our technicians and service staff are trained and certified in every aspect of sewer and water line repair; including OSHA approved excavations, tunneling, boring, no-dig technologies, T.V. inspections and confined space entry. We offer the most economical methods of repair available. Our Jet/Vac high pressure trucks discharge over 4000psi of water pressure into the storm or sanitary sewer lines to breakup accumulations of grease, sand, silt, tree roots and other debris and vacuum all debris loosened from jetting and cart it away. We are equipped with state of the art T.V. camera equipment to find sewer and drain problems & eliminate any unnecessary digging or opening of walls and floors.

  • Broken Sewer & Water Main Repairs
  • No-Dig Sewer Technology
  • Sonic Leak Detection
  • Parking Lot Drainage Repairs
  • OSHA Approved Excavations
  • Road Work - Sewer & Water Lines
  • Post Indicator Valves & Fire Hydrants
  • Certified Confined Space Entry
  • Underground Pipe Bursting
  • Underground Boring
  • Manhole Repairs & Installations
  • Catch Basin Reconstruction

For more information on the water and sewer main services provided at Bogush Inc, give us a call today at 1-800-508-8234. We look forward to speaking with you.

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